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Deeper Still; washing away our wounds

There is a struggle to be real and open from which none of us are exempt. There is also a struggle for many to hear what is honest and vulnerable. This battle is an internal wrestling match. Humility wars against fear, denial, pride and self preservation. Don’t get me wrong, in some places and space...
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Bitter Expectations

As we journey through life, we often come to certain stops along the way where we use an all too familiar saying "life is good". It is a place where everything appears on the surface to be what you and I was just waiting for. Perhaps its the new job, a new home/apartment. Maybe   you have ...
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Pastor Dave Smuin
Yes, I agree. When we arrive and the expectations are not what we have built up in our minds it is an opportunity to trust the Lo... Read More
Sunday, 27 January 2013 15:23
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