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Satan's 5 Strategies

Have you ever met someone who was strongly opposed to Jesus?  Adam was one of those guys.  No one dared share the gospel with him, but God intervened and Adam’s life was turned upside down by Jesus.  After he converted to Christianity some Christian’s strongly opposed Adam and others just avoided him.  Adam’s past caused great problems everywhere he went.  He found opposition inside the Christian community as well as outside of it. Demons

 Have you ever felt less than accepted by those who are supposed to love you?

Adam’s friends turned on him as well.  Most of them wanted nothing to do with him because he stopped participating in their lifestyle.  The more he tried to explain what happened to him the more they opposed him.  Adam was so filled with the love of Jesus that the opposition didn’t hold him back.

Adam felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to join an evangelistic team and share his faith.  The team gathered what resources they could and set out on a great adventure for the Lord.  They made huge sacrifices, but they also witnessed God do amazing things.  One of their greatest challenges was the constant opposition.  There were times when the opposition from people, in Adam’s former lifestyle, was more than the team could handle.  There was also opposition from governmental authorities and industries that profited from sin.


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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

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