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Non-Denominational Ordinationanoint
Experience / NCCChurch provides credible and accountable ordination and Clergy Credentials for people called into the Ministry of Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for ordination or clergy credentialing the Ordination Guide explains our process.  

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How to be a Minister
Experience Missions In a New Way! Anytime the subject of missions or missionaries comes up the most frequently quoted passage of Scripture is the great commission; “And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authorit...
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Ordination Four Step System

Non-Denominational Ordination and Clergy credentialing

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How Valid is your Ordination?

With all the online ordinations that can be found, free ordinationsthat are available and ordination packages for officiating weddings how can a Christian determine if the ordination they are receiving is credible?

Ordained-Minister-ManThis is a great question considering that pastors, missionaries, pastoral counselors, youth leaders, chaplains, children's ministers, worship leaders and many others who provide ministry on a daily basis need the protection and covering that comes with ordination or credentialing.

There are three basic things that everyone seeking Christian ordination should consider.  Find out what they are by reading the blog "Thoughts on Ordination."

If you are seeking credible Christian Ordination you have come to the right place.  The National Conservative Christian Church provides ordination and services to ministers nation wide.  You can find out more about online ordination, Christian ordination or clergy credentials by downloading our Ordination Inquiry Packet by clinking Here

Ordination & Non-Denominational Clergy CredentialsOrdained-Ministers

Experience & The National Conservative Christian Church is a Church and non-denominational ministerial fellowship headquartered in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Our presbytery uses three levels of clergy credentials; Commissioning, Licensing and Ordination. We also train, endorse and maintain accountability for these ministers. Commonly recognized ministerial categories would include pastors, evangelists, chaplains, missionaries, pastoral counselors, exhorters, worship leaders, house church leaders.

As the Apostle Paul wrote: "All are able ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter, but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life."

There are three levels of ministerial recognition in our fellowship: Commissioned Ministers, Licensed Ministers and Ordained Ministers. The qualification for the appropriate clergy recognition is primarily based upon length of fellowship, significance of influence, and quantity of consistent daily service. Specific preparedness and demonstration of calling are prerequisites to being endorsed at any level of honor.

We also charter ministry entities as remote divisions of this church including house churches, traditional churches, workplace churches, pastoral counseling ministries, temple maintenance centers, missionary teams, outreach centers and christian training centers. All ministry centers must be run by an N.C.C.C. ordained, licensed or commissioned minister.

Ordained Ministers, clergy, Pastor

Some of our tools and equipping systems are non-traditional, in order to provide as much support to those called by God to minister, and to receive adequate compensation for their work and service to the body of Christ.

The Lordship of Jesus Christ is the center focus of all that we do and equip others to do, in the name of the Lord. If you have a call from God to point people to Jesus, as the center of their life experience, then we would love to assist you to fulfill that calling.

The N.C.C.C. is a service oriented church, with a heart to encourage and disciple those who have a genuine desire to serve the Lord and His people.

I invite you to thoroughly browse our website or phone us for a full understanding of how we can assist you to achieve your calling and become significantly influential in your lifetime. If you are looking for clergy credentials, ordination or ministerial credentials you can download the ordination inquiry packet or give us a call.

Rev. David M. Smuin, PhD

Senior Pastor

Excellence in Clergy Credentials, Ordination and Support